New Brighton Beach State Park RV Trip (1)

[Our next RV Trip is in July, but (Instead of moping around 🙂 ) I thought I would post my journal from our very first RV trip in the Big White Box from July 2012. What a great introduction to RVing for us!]

We left home about 10am…our first RV Trip in our new Winnebago Motorhome…even Charlie was excited about it!

Charlie is ready for his first RV trip!
Charlie is ready for his first RV trip!

We went across highway 92 to Pacific Coast Highway 1 and then down the coast to Capitola.  It was a beautiful day and a great drive. 

Our Big White Box (BWB) on the coast
Our Big White Box (BWB) on the coast

We stopped in Half Moon Bay at an organic food store and spent $95 on food for the 3-day weekend! We will be eating well, though!  We stopped several times to take in the view and loved the drive there….half the fun.






The coach drove great as we lumbered along at 50-55 mph. I’ll be interested in the mileage for the trip, as we went up and down hills a lot, and spent time in traffic in Santa Cruz.

We had a little excitement as we went through the toll gate on the San Mateo Bridge….it said wide loads to the right…I guess I didn’t think of our motorhome as a wide load, so we went thought the regular lane, and it was a REALLY tight fit…but we made it through ok.

I used the tow/haul feature when driving up and down the hills, and it definitely made it easier going up, with very little braking going down. I found a reference point on the dash, so I know just how far I am from the center line at all times…it made driving through the narrow streets in Santa Cruz easy.

We got to the site in NewBrighton Beach around 4pm, and it took no time at all to setup camp….what a change from the years we had to pitch tents.



We found that our site has no hookups at all, so we’ll have to conserve electricity. We were pleasantly surprised, however, to find out that our site has an ocean view…we were very lucky to snap up a last minute cancellation which made this trip possible…and the view was a real bonus.

We had our first meal prepared in the RV…spaghetti, flat bread, and kale salad…very good and healthy, too! Then we went for a nice 3 mile stroll along the beach…..what a beautiful place!




Our dog Charlie got some great exercise, and is now asleep on the chair, snoring away….it was a great day.


Also, everything seems to be working A Ok in the RV….great Winnebago quality!

The next day our friends stopped by for breakfast and brought a box of fresh donuts. We enjoyed coffee together and some shopping in nearby Capitola.

Friends and RV trips go really well together!
Friends and RV trips go really well together!

After our friends left, we continued to enjoy the beach and wished we could stay longer when it was time to leave Sunday morning. Of course, there are some things that must be done before before we leave…



10 thoughts on “New Brighton Beach State Park RV Trip (1)

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  1. Hi Al and Deb,

    Great photos again! Loved walking down memory lane with you guys on your first outting with the BWB.

    We have the 2012 Sunstar 26P. Our layout is similar to yours but the BR slideout goes towards the passenger side. And your model has that awesome pass-through storage area!

    Agree with you that the setup is so easy especially as we watch 5-wheels and travel trailers pull in, get out their power drills and tools, then spend 45-minutes setting up. What a joy to drop the jacks and put out the slides, then grab a cool beverage and watch the neighbors setup their site. We once had a gentleman pull in next to us in a truck pulling a tent camper. He spent almost four hours setting up, including “building” an outdoor kitchen. His family came in later in the evening and as they pulled in, it started to rain. And, it continued to rain the whole weekend!

    We’re currently camping at Kettle Falls NRA camground on 120-mile Lake Roosevelt (Kettle Falls, WA) trying to beat the 104 degree heat. It’s great to get in the lake in the afternoon to chill down. We love full-timing in our Sunstar!

    Look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

    Regards, Dianne & Jackie

    1. Dianne, thanks for the comment and great to hear that you are enjoying your 26P full time! Sounds a Ike a beautiful place you are at, though 104 degrees is too hot for me! 🙂

  2. I was also wondering how your trip through Yellowstone and Jackson went! I think you were planning to be there on the early side the season…

  3. Just got back from this park. Enjoyed it immensely. Had space 47 with hookups, but premium sites where you stayed facing ocean are much nicer. What is your favorite RV campground that is closest to San Francisco? I’ve tried KOA Petaluma and San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, but am looking for a more nature oriented campground.

    1. I agree with you about enjoying nature. Give me a state park any day over a typical pack you in like sardines but give you hookups park. 🙂 My favorite park closest to SF is Half Moon Bay State Park, especially if you get the row facing the ocean. You also get electricity and water and miles of beaches, trails, and bike paths. You are also walking distance to a great little beach town with great food.

      1. My daughter, who lives in San Francisco, suggested I camp at Mt. Tam state park. But, I do not see where they allow motorhomes. Just cabins and environmental (tent?) sites. It is not on your annual reports. Can we get a RV up there?

      2. It would be difficult getting a Motorhome up there and I don’t believe they have accommodations for RVs. It’s definitely worth a visit, however!

      3. My daughter says we would have to park our motorhomes in a general parking lot and hike to the cabins. It is doubtful the rangers would let you sleep, cook, etc. in the parking lot. Also, the cabins rent for about $100.00 a night, have rats, no showers, etc. Great for backpackers trying to get out of the elements, but worth it for a day camp for RVers.

      4. Yes, I’ve been there and it’s definitely worth spending the day there. You might also like going to the top of Mt. Diablo on a clear day. There is also tent camping there, but some sites may fit your RV. If you like vistas, on a clear day you can see from the faralons to the sierras.

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