Paso Robles Wine Country (94)

This was our first RV trip to Paso, though we have stopped on our way to other destinations many times. People that know wine believe it produces some of the best wine anywhere. While our pallet is not that sophisticated, we were looking forward to wine tasting and a trip to Cambria on the coast.


We stopped by Eberle Winery because of the beautiful setting in the vineyards (they have a great dog-friendly patio overlooking their property), and a cave tour sounded like fun.


The tour was educational and gives you a sense of all the work that goes into creating good wine.


They have an extensive network of caves that store the wine for years.


We enjoyed the tasting, but I won’t pretend to review it here. Instead, I refer my friends to It’s run by a former colleague who really knows wine and I think you will enjoy his recommendations in Paso Robles. We spent the rest of the day at the Paso Robles town square. It has a nice park in the middle and is lined by many good shops and restaurants. We ate early at The Red Scooter Deli and dropped by Brown Butter Cookies for dessert. If the weather is nice, get your meal to go and eat under a tree in the park!

While glancing at Facebook that evening, we noticed an update by some relatives who also happened to be in the area. What a surprise! We texted them and since they were staying in Morro Bay, we decided to meet up with them in Cambria for lunch the next day.

The drive from Paso Robles to Cambria on the Highway 46 is fantastic. You start by meandering through rolling hills of vineyards up to the crest of the coastal hills. As you reach the top, you view the Pacific below and glide down through Cambria to the beach.


The coast here is beautiful! We wanted to put our kayak in the water, but an injury (see post 92) kept us on land this trip.


We met at Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill and were seated on the patio with a perfect view of the ocean. We enjoyed catching up with each other and planning a visit to their home at the end of the year!


After lunch we enjoyed a good walk on the beach.


Our four nights in Paso Robles flew by, and it was time to head back to the Bay Area. We are already looking forward to a December trip back to the beach!

Al & Deb


Where we stayed:

Paso Robles RV Ranch. No website, but here’s their Facebook page:

It’s a small RV park on a hill overlooking Highway 101 and the valley below. It is well maintained, and the park host was very friendly. We noticed the people in the park were very friendly, too. On our daily dog walks, a few folks would strike up a conversation and everyone seemed happy to be there. While there is only open fields next to the RV park, it is a short drive (3 miles) to the town square. There are many RV parks in Paso, so while we would stay there again, we’d probably try one of the others in the area first.

3 thoughts on “Paso Robles Wine Country (94)

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  1. Love Paso. The wine is wonderful and we love the town square also. My wife and I always find a vineyard to picnic at. Great trip as always guys!

  2. Paso is great. Cava Robles is now our RV Park of choice, away from the highway with great amenities. Favorite Restaurant is The Hatch near the square. favorite winery is Castoro, lots of fun and good reasonably priced wines.

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