Big Basin Redwoods State Park RV Trip (13)

We were blessed with great weather our whole RV trip to Big Basin State Park this year. After the drive through narrow streets we checked in at the HQ. When you check in , you get a map of the park, but it is not that useful for planning day hikes in the park. The best bet is to print great maps off the Internet. I found several that were good day hikes. We made camp, and then took our bikes back to the HQ for some ice cream before dinner. Back at the camp, we grilled chicken, enjoyed the campsite, and took the dog for a good walk to the nearby falls, which is a trickle this time of year. The next day, we were off on a 6 mile hike that took us from our camp back to the HQ and up the hill on the way to Berry Creek. Our planned route had us cut over to another trail heading back to camp. We enjoyed the walk and beautiful scenery. We never get tired of the close yet remote location and look forward to returning next year.

Skyline to the sea trail Skyline to the sea trail
Big Basin Trail Map Big Basin Trail Map

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