Pismo State Beach RV Trip (15)

We like to stay within a 3-4 hour radius of the San Francisco East Bay for our 3-day weekend RV Trips. On the southern end of this is one of our favorite places to visit – the North Beach Campground at Pismo Beach State Park. This is in part due to the beautiful drive down from the Bay Area..passing through beach and farming communities. We love getting into San Luis Obispo at lunch for a stop at our favorite tri-tip restaurant, the FireStone Grill. Their tri-tip is prepared Santa Maria style, with layers of mild and tender tri-tip on a toasted bun. Yum! From there it’s a quick trip to Pismo Beach. At the campground, you can visit the beach and also the butterfly grove.

The beach stretches for miles in each direction, and there is a salt water estuary you can walk along and watch the egrets patiently search for fish, the ducks bobbing up and down in the water, and various other birds form sea gulls and pelicans flying over the water.

Pismo Beach at twilight Pismo Beach at twilight

The Monarch Butterfly Grove is fantastic in October, as the Monarch butterflies migrate south through the area. Looking up you see hundreds of butterflies meandering among the trees. Looking more closely, however you notice that the branches thick with leaves are actually branches full of Monarchs. Really fun to sit and look up as long as your neck can take it!

Another great thing to do at Pismo that you can do nowhere else in CA is drive on the beach. can you take an RV on the beach? See for yourself! :-)) We were on the beach just long enough to cross it off our bucket list, but it was a great morning.

Breakfast on Pismo Beach Breakfast on Pismo Beach

After a quick trip back to the Bay Area, I washed the BWB and put it back to bed in storage, ready for our next trip…to Capitola and New Brighton State Beach for Thanksgiving!

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