Grand Teton and Jackson Hole RV Trip (23)

We started the second half of our vacation with a beautiful drive though Yellowstone to Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park. These photos illustrate an amazing thing about traveling by RV. The first photo was taken at the iconic Mural Room at Jackson Lodge where we had lunch. The Next photo is from our RV when we simply decided to stop for a snack…note the similarities of the fantastic view! 🙂 Our motorhome has a million “million dollar views” just waiting for us.


Colter Bay was a good base camp for the area and very dog friendly. My only complaint was the mosquitos. Apparently he mountain air makes them very hearty and they simply laughed at Off Deep Woods repellent…

In the morning we had a real treat. We were up early and on a boat headed to Elk Island for a breakfast at the foot of the Teton Range. The cooks had everything prepared when we got there and both the breakfast and the view was exceptional! After breakfast we took a short hike to the top of the island and enjoyed the views some more.






We took a hike around half of Jenny Lake the next day, taking the water taxi back to the main visitor area.



We then headed off to Jackson Hole. We had three things on our list….the tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain, the Bar J Chuck-wagon BBQ and Western Music, and strolling through the town for more shopping and eating. We enjoyed all three and really wish we had more time to visit the area, but too soon it was time to head home.






We left early in the morning and when we crossed the Snake River for the last time, it felt like our vacation was over…



We made it all the way to Winnemucca the first day, and drove into the Bay Area the next day.

What an awesome vacation!

Now, of course, we are looking forward to our next RV trip in the BWB in August to Yosemite!


7 thoughts on “Grand Teton and Jackson Hole RV Trip (23)

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    1. Yes, we had a great time. Since most of our trips are short 3 day weekend trips, we were wondering how we’d do in our RV for two weeks…turned out to not be a problem at all.

  1. Great photos of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole! We will be in that area in a couple of weeks. Would love your thoughts on the one or two “must see” places.

    We travel in a 2012 Itasca Sunstar 26P. Bought it in Dublin at LaMesa RV. At the time, we lived in San Ramon. We sold the house and have been travelling since June 2013.

    Best RV addition has been the two solar panels purchased in March while in Quartzsite. Having solar allows us to boondock on BLM land which is so quiet and peaceful compared to the RV parks we stayed at for the first 18-19 months of our adventure.

    Again, love your photos and look forward to any Grand Teton/Jackson Hole suggestions.

    Dianne & Jackie

    1. Dianne and Jackie, great to hear you are enjoying your 26p and full timing in it! We also purchased ours from LaMesa in Dublin!
      In Jackson I would not miss the bar J bbq. Great food and music, and they are authentic in every aspect (ranch and music)! We also enjoyed the view from the top of ski lift. The waffles at the top are supposed to be great, too.
      In the Tetons, the breakfast boat ride on Jackson Lake to Elk island was an awesome experience, and also eating in the mural room at Jackson Lodge. We also really enjoyed the hike around half of Jenny lake and the boat ride back to the visitor center. You can’t miss on any of those.
      Happy travels to you!!
      Al and Deb

      1. I may not have answered your question correctly….If I had to pick one in each place, i’d choose Bar J in Jackson and the Jackson Lake Elk Island breakfast boat ride in the Tetons!

      2. Al, thank you for thes suggestions.

        Since we are full-timing we tend to shop at local stores and cook in our kitchen quite often. But, I also read about the BarJ chuckwagon from a travel guide (Moon’s Wyoming) and we will check that one out for the local color experience. Would love to do the boat ride, too. We plan on being in the area the first week in May, so events will be geared upon weather and the number of tourists in the area. Looks like Memorial Day and the end of May brings the “high season” hordes. I would love to see the annual Elk Antler Auction, if we can.

        Having lived in the Bay Area for many years, we have travelled to many of the sites you mention. So, we love returning via your site! Look forward to your upcoming Half Moon Bay visit. I was the Asst Managing Editor of the HMB Review back in the mid-80’s. Main Street has changed a lot since those days!

      3. That’s awesome. We love HMB! We have an ocean front site, and are looking forward to the trip, even though it may be windy and rainy. I am glad we can bring some of the Bay Area to you each month. I’ll look forward to keeping up with your adventures, too! Take care!

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