Batteries to Bluffs Trail: Presidio of San Francisco

I’m sharing this post from my daughter’s blog. A great hike in the San Francisco Bay Area for any RVer visiting the area and wanting to get some great photos of the Golden Gate from a different perspective. You will also enjoy some great beaches that will make you feel you are in the wilderness instead of the middle of a famous city!


Have you ever had a relative or friend come visit from out-of-state and felt like you just had to take them to see the Golden Gate Bridge? As much as I feel like this landmark is always awe-inspiring, sometimes it can feel monotonous to experience it in the same way over and over.

Batteries to Bluffs Trail is an extremely short hike (1.5 miles) that can add a new perspective to your Golden Gate visit.

This is my cousin, Michael. You may recognize him from the previous post I did about the Observation Deck Loop in Henry Cowell SP. If you haven’t checked out that post yet, you can view it here.

original_url: 9F66CBED-192A-4A0F-A964-D47F06AFF998 Grabbing breakfast at Vic’s All Star Kitchen in Downtown Pleasanton before heading to SF

He came to visit me all the way from Virginia for a week this January. We saved San Francisco for his last full day…

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