December in New Brighton Beach RV Trip (60)

We took a quick trip mid-December to New Brighton Beach in Capitola (yes, again! 🙂 and here are a few photos of our weekend.

The trip there was awesome, as usual. Here’s where we stopped for lunch.


Sunrise the next morning.

And sunset.

During the day, we walked on the beach with Lucy, Walked to Capitola for lunch and to watch the surfers.


And back to the campsite to relax.

We always enjoy time away at the beach.

2 thoughts on “December in New Brighton Beach RV Trip (60)

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  1. The ocean never disappoints (speaking as a Coast Guardsman). However, just got back from Clint Black concert and National Rodeo Finals in Vegas. Heading in JAN to Willie Nelson concert in Palm Desert and Borrego Springs for R&R. The desert is calling and I must go! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Regards, Eric

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