Jackson Rancheria RV Trip (67)

Lucy was ready to Travel to Jackson Rancheria in the gold country!

We don’t often stay at Casino’s but we really enjoy visiting here for a “chill” weekend. This is one of the best designed RV parks we have visited, with wide and grassy sites on a hill overlooking the valley. There is a great club house and pool and a walking trail all around the site, located just below the park.

Here’s a photo from our morning walk just as the sun rose above the hills in the distance.

We loved our large site.

The historical town of Jackson is nearby and has a few good restaurants. We like Rosebud Cafe for their delicious and locally grown food,

While we were there, the air was smokey from the forest fire burning in the Yosemite area. The smoke was so thick that you could not see many stars. No worries! We used our iPhone app that uses augmented reality to visualize where the stars were.

In fact, we could not see any stars. All that was visible in the sky were the planets Mars and Venus. However the app filled the sky with stars and even let you see the constellations.

Like I said, it was a chill weekend, but we enjoyed getting away to enjoy the area. However, we were really looking forward to our next trip to Sisters, Oregon!

Al and Deb

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