Pismo Beach RV Trip (73)

We escaped to Pismo! After weeks of the flu, very unhealthy air (due to the fires in the Sierras), rain and unseasonably cold weather, we decided to head to the coast, and we were not disappointed! Pismo Beach welcomed us with great weather and plenty to do. We stayed at the Pismo Coast Village, right in the middle of Pismo Beach.


The crowds from summer were gone, with plenty of parking by the pier.img_0637

But, of course, our favorite past time here is long walks along the beach.img_0600


The butterflies arrived a little early this year and were on display at the Monarch Butterfly Grove. An enthusiast set up a telescope so everyone could enjoy. Note the photo below has many monarchs. They hang from the branches in clumps with their wings folded, so you might miss them at first glance. 



The surf was also up and the water around the pier was crowded with surfers jockeying for a wave.



We went to our favorite dog park at Avila Beach. The small one next to the larger beach is where we like to take Lucy, our terrier. There are usually fewer dogs there, so we can let Lucy off leash to frolic a bit.


We also like to enjoy a cappuccino in town before heading back to the RV.


I think we wore Lucy out!


Dinner was at our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area, Zorro’s Cafe & Cantina.

The next day, after lunch we strolled around downtown San Luis Obispo and the mission.


Stopping for coffee, we heard some good guitar playing. What made it amazing is that the musician had only one arm and sounded great!



We had an early dinner at Firestone Grill for some of their delicious Santa Maria style Tri-tip,


…and then stuck around for the farmer’s market, which is held year round every Thursday evening.



Since it was close to Christmas, the kettle drum band and trombone choir played carols. They were both pretty good!



The next day we toured Firestone Walker Brewery.


They take their beer very seriously…beer before glory. 


I was really impressed with how high-tech everything was. While in the old days, people would open valves to move the beer through the process, now the entire operation is controlled by computers. 


Since we were right there, we stopped in downtown Paso Robles for lunch. It has a beautiful old downtown, that while it’s become touristy, still has charm. 


These cookies are amazing, buttery goodness.



Visiting this area replenished us, and too soon it was time to get back home. However, with my retirement at the end of December approaching quickly, we knew we would make time to visit here often.
Al & Deb



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  1. Al – I’m enjoying your stories of life on the road and really like the quality of the photography you use to compliment the story. Stu (from work).

    1. Thanks, Stu! I’m glad you like the post and the photos (especially knowing the level of your photographic skills)! They are all taken from our iPhones by me or Deb. Our different styles seem to compliment each other. I miss you all quite a bit, but like most restores, I seem to be busier than ever! 🙂 I had lunch with Sal and Chuck this week and I have to say it still feels strange doing things in the middle of a work week!

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