Insulating upper cabinets in cab

The first year we owned our Adventurer, we drove in hot weather and after several hours our infotainment unit started malfunctioning.

It turned out the head unit was located behind the cabinets at top of the cab. The cabinets feel hot in the sun, and when you open them you can feel the heat radiating from in back of them. I thought it was the fiberglass cap, but that was insulated by Winnebago.

After researching here, I found that the top of the windshield, about 8 inches, directly behind the cabinets, is not insulated, exposing the cabinets and all they contain, to the sun and heat. What was Winnebago thinking?

Yesterday, I added insulation to the area. It was relatively easy, and took me about 90 minutes to complete. I took out the screws holding in the back of the cabinet, and lifted it up enough to move some insulation in place and tape it down. Here are a few before and after photos. I’ll let you know how it goes on our June trip.

Note that after Riverpark replaced our head unit, I kept it out of the compartment in the upper cabinet. I have it in the cabinet itself, since it is cooler, and also added a usb fan to provide air circulation.

Update: since making the changes, we’ve now used the RV in several areas with temperatures over 90 degrees. The insulation definitely makes the cabinets and the interior cooler. However, I think it can be even better. A friend of mine has used regular pink thermal insulation, and I will add that to the interior and then provide an update.

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