Moss Landing Kayaking (85)

After returning from Grants Pass, we just weren’t ready to go home, so we kept driving to Moss Landing, near Monterey, to do some kayaking in the Elkhorn Slough and enjoy the ocean.


I checked the tide charts (see below) to decide when go. I wanted to get close to slack tide while avoiding the strong afternoon breezes from the ocean. About 1Oam seemed to work best, giving us plenty of time explore.


Our inflatable kayak makes easy to take our kayak with us anywhere we go.


Since the tide was still rising when we started, paddling up the slough was effortless.


Elkhorn Slough never disappoints as there is always plenty of wildlife to see.


Another great was to see the slough is the Elkhorn Slough Safari. You can walk from the RV park to their dock. The staff is very friendly and they always have a biologist on board to share information and answer questions.


Sometimes you just gotta put your feet up and enjoy the ride.


Kayaking will work up a hearty appetite, so after we returned to the RV, we walked to Phil’s Fish Market for dinner. Great as always.



Since we were so close, we spent the day in Monterey the next day. We visited Cannery Row and walked to Pacific Grove.




We were glad we extended the trip and grateful to have such beautiful places to visit.

Al & Deb

Where we stayed:

Moss Landing KOA Express – small but clean, and location in the marina is great. We prefer staying here over any other park in the Monterey area.

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