Picking Mandarin Oranges in Newcastle, CA (116)

For our last RV trip of the year, we visited our daughter and fiancé in the Sierra foothills for some socially distanced family time.

They have a wonderful place in the country, and we spent a lot of time visiting on their back deck, enjoying the view of their pond and the animals that wander by…….

…and taking long walks along the country roads. As you can see, they have a huge traffic problem, and lots of “honking” (from the geese, of course :-))

As usual, the food and conversation was excellent. Kaylee made some wonderful homemade Apple Turnovers the first morning, and Jonathan made Shakshuka the next morning. So delicious!

To get into the Christmas spirit, we went to Sunset Ridge Farms to pick mandarin oranges.

The farm is set on a hill overlooking the Central Valley, and the views were awesome. For safety, you need to reserve a time slot for free at gotmandarins.com.

The trees were full of oranges and they were just right for picking.

It was fun being with our daughter and her fiance, and his parents, picking mandarins. What better way to be safely enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Of course, we all picked more than we could eat, so our neighbors were also blessed with some of them. 🙂

For us, this was a great way to start the Christmas season.

Al & Deb

P.s. we stayed at the Auburn Gold Country RV Park. We like it because it is close to shopping, but is tucked out of the way and very quiet and private. Most of the park is for seasonal guests, but they have a few spaces reserved for short stays.

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