Monterey hiking and kayaking (129)

In June, we were able to visit the Monterey Area for one last time this year. Sometimes by visiting at a different time of year, everything seems new.

Since we usually visit in the Fall or Winter, we were struck by the abundance and color of Spring wildflowers.

Moss Landing and Salinas River State Beach

As you may already know, we love staying at the Moss Landing KOA so we can be near the beach and dunes, which we walk several times each day.

Even the artichokes were growing and about ready for harvest. Of course we had to stop by Pazinni Farms for some fried artichoke hearts and fresh vegetables.

Ribera Beach

Our first outing was to Ribera Beach. We enjoy starting on the bluff and working our way down to the beaches.

Doesn’t this rock look like a Bald Eagle? I think so.

So we hung out on the beach just watching the waves roll in and the pelicans flying overhead from Point Lobos across the bay.

Point Lobos

Next we visited Point Lobos again (last visit Fall ‘20). This time hiking the trail from the first parking lot to bird island.

It’s so beautiful here, just close your eyes and take a photo. It will be perfect, trust me. I love the rock sediment in this photo.

Around every corner is another beautiful scene.

At the end of the trail is bird rock, the nesting place for cormorants and seagulls.

Elkhorn Slough

Our final day was spent on Elkhorn Slough. This is such a wonderful place to get close to nature.

While we never kayak close to the otters, sometimes they seem curious about us as they swim by.

The pelicans nesting at Point Lobos love to fish this area, and hang out on the shore as they rest between flights.

Elkhorn Slough

We had an amazing week in Monterey, even without venturing into the tourist traps…or maybe because of that. The natural beauty of the area is well preserved and worth getting your feet wet to see.

Al & Deb

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