Family in Mesa (138)

Our next stop, just before Christmas, was in Mesa, AZ to spend some time with my parents and other family in the area. My sister flew in from Virginia, so it was a mini family reunion.

Christmas selfie at the mall

We really enjoyed catching up on everyone over dinner at Serrano’s.

Family dinner at Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant in Mesa

It was also great to spend time with my dad, who lives in a memory care facility nearby.

He likes it there but loves seeing family (especially mom!).

A friendly game of tri-ominoes. Dad still plays a great game!

His home also welcomes dogs, so Lucy got to visit too!

We also had a chance to visit the surrounding area with my sister, Margie. We enjoyed the drive to the Tonto National forest.

This view of Red Mountain is beautiful.

We also visited Fountain Valley, an aptly named little town nearby. At its full height of 560 feet, the fountain is three times as tall as Old Faithful in Yellowstone!

The Fountain at Fountain Hills AZ

There are also many great places for Christmas selfies!

We found a great pizza place with a view of the fountain, the Euro Pizza Cafe. Seriously the best pizza I’ve had in a long time.

Euro Pizza Cafe, Fountain Valley AZ
View of fountain from Euro Pizza Cafe

Haha. We had to leave because my sis was having just a little too much fun. (Just kidding, sis!)


But hey, even Santa has to let his hair down once in a while!

We enjoyed spending time with family and getting to see a little of the surrounding area, but we planned to spend Christmas with our daughter, so it was time to leave all too soon.

Al & Deb

p.s. We stayed at Apache Wells RV Park in Mesa, a short drive to mom’s. It’s a small park, but is very well managed with friendly people. it’s hard to get in, but worth the stay.

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