Moss Landing RV trip (8)

Dates: 01/31/13 – 02/03/13

Picked up RV at 5:30pm from SkyRiver…waiting for me as scheduled! I took it home and plugged it into the house power. The next morning, we drove to Moss Landing near Monterey.

Left the house at 10am-ish and drove to Half-Moon Bay and then down the coast. Stopped at a scenic overlook for lunch…what a view of the coast and ocean! Got to Moss Landing KOA about two and pulled into our spot and hooked up electrical. Nice manager and well cared for park. We walked the dog around the marina and came back.

I noticed a screw was embedded in the front passenger tire! Tire pressure was ok, but I was concerned about driving home and getting a blowout. I called my extended warranty, but they just said to call their roadside assistance. I did, and they didn’t know what to do except tow the RV somewhere! Well, I was reading Motorhome and there was a Good Sam advertisement that they will bring you a new tire, if needed…I’m calling tomorrow to see if this works! They said they could being a new tire, but then I thought to post my problem on They guys said to use soapy water to see if it was leaking, and then unscrew it while checking for leakage. It never leaked and the screw turned out to be only 1/2 inch long. It was great to get advice from the board that was good and saved me lots of money!

The trip home was nice and uneventful. We stopped in Capitola for coffee at Peet’s and I exercised the generator while we were there. Got home about 1pm and took the RV back about 2:30pm…but it was closed for the Superbowl! We’ll take it back tomorrow before work…







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    1. This is a very tardy reply, but thanks for the comment! That’s exactly what happened…in the right place at the right time…in that situation the best camera is the one you have with you. 🙂

  1. Hi, your blog is great! We are also in the Bay Area and view your blog for places to camp and things to do. It would be helpful if you had a paragraph on the campground you were visiting. You could put it at the end and reuse it. Thanks, you guys go to great spots!!

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