American River Parkway RV Trip (19)

The American River Parkway is a 32 mile bike trail along the river from Old Sacramento all the way to the Folsom Lake Dam. Along the parkway you will find many parks and places to enjoy nature. Riding along the trail under the trees and watching the flowing river, it really feels like you are far away from the city, and yet it surrounds you on both sides.


We visited the American River Parkway in early March during unseasonably warm weather.


We stayed at the Cal Expo RV Park hosted by some very nice people. The RV Park is a big parking lot, but it backs right up to the parkway so you can start your ride right from there.


The first day, we rode from Cal Expo, home of the State Fair, to Pioneer Park and Old Sacramento.




The ride there is beautiful, but as you get close to Old Sac, you will see a few homeless encampments. However, get there early and enjoy the train museum and a great lunch at one of the many restaurants, or a picnic at Pioneer Park, right on the waterfront. On the way back, a train passed right over us…


It is about 7 miles to Old Sac from Cal Expo. We ended up riding about 25 miles the first day. In the evening, we like to read or play board games, rather than watch TV…Tri-Ominoes is one of our favorites…



The next day we rode the other direction towards Folsom Lake. The ride was wonderful and passes many parks and places to stop and enjoy nature.

IMG_7940 IMG_3651 IMG_3615

You can also download a trail map online, which lists the restrooms and attractions along the route. There are also stations for fixing your bike, including tools and air! 🙂


We went as far as we could and then stopped and had lunch. We then turned around and headed home, stopping at Sac State for a coffee break.

We loved the trip and plan to do this again next year.

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