Twain Harte RV Trip (22)

We met some good friends of ours at a cabin in Sanora and had a great time visiting the gold rush area, including Sanora and Twain Harte.

This is rugged country and everywhere is either up and down and around rather than a straight line. In an RV, this can be a challenge, as the streets can also be narrow, but our Big White Box (BWB) did a great job maneuvering around and up and down the area.

We enjoyed the great company of our friends on this trip as we shopped for antiques and visited a few restaurants. In the evenings, we enjoyed great conversation and also introduced them to Triominoes, a great pastime for the RV.

As a day trip, we visited Pinecrest Lake. It’s a beautiful man-made lake that reminds you a little of Yosemite or Hetch-Hetchy…only on a smaller scale. It has a marina and you can bring your own boat, or rent one. Hiking the perimeter makes for a great morning or afternoon. Just bring plenty of water.

Pinecrest Lake
Pinecrest Lake

I’d like to note two great places we visited for breakfast while we were there. First, is Covers Apple Farm. They make incredible recipes of all things apple, and make a killer breakfast….try the French toast or any of the scrambles!

Covers Apple Ranch
Covers Apple Ranch


Covers is run by the Brethren, a religious group that reminded me a little of the Amish. The place is spotless and the prices are fair. Beware, you will want to purchase more than you could possible eat in a week.

We also went to The Sportsman in Twain Harte. Lots of locals come here for a great breakfast. Especially good are the Sportsman Spuds! At the entrance are several pictures drawn by children.


One of them is titled “The dead animal restaurant” and you can see why from this photo. 😉


For a quick trip from the Bay Area, rather than taking 80 or 50 to crowded Lake Tahoe, visit the Sanora area for a great change of pace.

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