Lake Tahoe’s Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park RV Trip (21)

Thank you, Mr. Isaias W. Hellman, for buying 2000 acres of beach front property along the west shore of a Lake Tahoe. In this ideal spot he built an 11,000 square foot summer “cottage” he called Pine Lodge, where he could escape with his family for the summer from nearby San Francisco. Of course, that meant taking 2 trains and a boat to get to his property, as it was built before roads were carved along the shore.

Erhman Manion
Erhman Manion

After his death, the property was eventually bought by the state and we now all enjoy the Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park. Then why is it named after Ed instead of Isaias? It’s another story, but Ed was the bureaucrat that helped bring the state park and other Lake Tahoe amenities into existence. Still, seems a little strange that Ed gets top billing for the site….just saying.

Anyway, we enjoyed the beautiful drive from the Bay Area up I-80 to Truckee where we took 89 to Tahoe City and just past Tahoma to the state park. The RV sites are nestled in the trees across 89 from the beach. The sites are large and beautiful and most have shade.

BWB at Sugar Pine Point
BWB at Sugar Pine Point
Fork in the road
Fork in the road

If you come here, bring your bike! There are miles and miles of great bike paths here. You can literally bike on trails from here past Squaw Valley and all the way back to Truckee! We enjoyed biking everywhere we went, including this great deli just a mile from the park….seriously, they make awesome sandwiches (it’s the bread)!

PDQ Deli
PDQ Deli

In addition, bring or rent a kayak….a great way to explore the coast.

Lake Tahoe 2
Lake Tahoe 2
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

We had a great time and plan to come here again next year.

6 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe’s Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park RV Trip (21)

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  1. Hi Al & Debbie,
    Wow, it is beautiful to look at. I just loved the smell in the air when we went there. Love you both. Mom & Dad

  2. Nice trip ! Lovely pics ! What would you think of a 31 foot Winnie towing a small jeep taking the same route from Truckee 🙂 Any advice ?

    1. Kathy, you will have no problem with a 31 foot Motorhome towing a Jeep. Ours is 27 feet and we tow a CR-V, so it is similar. It is a nice drive from Truckee. If you plan to go to South Lake Tahoe, however, going south from there will get difficult driving around Emerald Cove. It’s a great drive in a Jeep, but could be scary for your passengers in a Motorhome. Have a great trip!

      1. Ah, thats awesome advice ! Thank you so much. I do remember driving around that side of the lake years ago but our motorhome is brand new (to us) and this is only the second trip we have taken. Ever. In a motorhome 🙂 A tad nervous. But your advice helps a lot !

        We will read your blog often, I bet. We live in the Clearlake area above Napa Valley. Happy motoring ! Kathy


  3. I hope you enjoy your RV as much as we do ours. The main thing is to use it often, even if for a weekend. 🙂 We have friends in Middletown and part of their property burned in the fire. I hope you are located away from that area. Take care!

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