San Francisco Coast (Pacifica) RV Trip (36)

We are camping on a bluff 60 feet above the Pacific Ocean. You can hear the pounding surf below. Looking out from our windshield all you can see is ocean! From there you can see whales spouting surprisingly close to shore and many dolphins playing in the surf….great view!

View from the BWB
View from the BWB

We are in Pacifica, CA at the San Francisco RV Resort. Of course, San Francisco is miles away, but this is one of the closet RV parks to it. We actually did not plan on visiting the city on this trip. We wanted to camp at an ocean front site, we wanted to see the Fog Festival that Pacifica holds each year, and we wanted to ride our bikes on Devil’s Slide.


The RV Park has great views, but there are several gotchas. First, there are no hook-ups for the ocean front sites. Second, the sites are so close together you feel like a canned sardine. Third, the sites are very expensive ($80 a night with taxes). With all that said, we still enjoyed our stay, but prefer Half Moon Bay State Park, a few miles south…less expensive, and with wide sites and hookups.



The Fog Festival was really crowded and I was glad we were within walking distance. There were many local crafts and bands, and the whole community was out in force enjoying the weekend. The weather cooperated and there was plenty of fog to enjoy. 🙂 Strangely, I saw no one selling canned fog for visitors to take home…hmm…maybe I’ll try that next year.


After the festival we found a local bakery, Mazzettis, that was very good and we would definitely recommend it if you are in the area. They are famous for the Derby Cake, made with fresh bananas and strawberries.


When we left Pacifica on Sunday morning, we drove to a small parking lot at the entrance to Devil’s Slide. This used to be Highway 1, until it was bypassed a few years ago with the opening of a very long tunnel.




It was really a lot of fun to bike along this locally famous spot. For years, during the winter, Highway 1 would slide 600 feet into the ocean below, sometimes with deadly results. The tunnel now provides a safe and reliable road, and the rest of us can walk or bike along the old highway, enjoying the views…at least for now. Here’s a time lapse movie of my ride.

Here’s a video on the Devil’s Slide area for those that are really curious…

We really enjoyed biking on Devil’s slide, and would definitely recommend it!


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  1. love your photos looks like a fantastic place to stay…we RV all the time, our RV is much smaller than yours..LOL 19’…..thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to following your rv trips on your blog…kat

    1. Thanks for following my posts! As for RV’s, it’s not the size that counts, but whether you use it to enjoy life! May you have many great camping trips in your future.
      Al and Deb

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