Yosemite Valley in August RV Trip (35)

We visited Yosemite Valley last week with some great friends of ours. Yosemite in August can be HOT and DRY…and it was. But it was also as beautiful and majestic as ever, as you can see from the photos!

IMG_6528 (1)

As a bonus, our daughter and her friends planned a hike to the top of Half Dome the same weekend! I am glad to say they made it up and down in one piece…Kaylee texted us this photo from the top, and scared her mother to death! That’s thin air they are standing over!


To be young again and have this kind of energy…


Actually, I have made it to the top too….if you are skeptical, scroll to the end of this post! 🙂


However, we spent the weekend in the valley, enjoying the bike paths, hiking trails, and the ice cream shop each afternoon.


If you visit the Valley, the best way to get around, by far, is on a bicycle. The valley is level, the trails are awesome, and you avoid the crowded roads and parking lots….it will increase your enjoyment of the valley ten-fold!


You are also more like to see wildlife! We saw this large bear (luckily he was going the other direction!) while biking between Happy Isles and Mirror Lake. He was a beauty!


We also saw these bucks munching leaves just off the trail.


The Merced River flows through the valley all summer and several families were out enjoying the cool water during the day.

IMG_6454 IMG_6451

The park rangers also had activities and programs going all day and evening.


Here’s a photo of Half Dome in the morning,


and later in the day. What a beautiful mountain!


Finally, here’s proof I made it to the top…a few years ago, but the bucket list is checked! :-))


That was the end of this trip, but we are looking forward to our RV trip to The coast in September!

Al and Deb

5 thoughts on “Yosemite Valley in August RV Trip (35)

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  1. Thanks for the ride, enjoyed…. We are planning to head thru there next June on an extended trip to Wyoming. Think there’s going to be a least two rigs in the parade. 🙂 Mean while we’re heading out Thursday 10/01 to the South.

  2. It looks so beautiful there. We will definitely be heading out there this summer. Thanks for the tip about the bikes, we have been debating getting some.

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