Half Moon Bay Thanksgiving RV Trip (38)

We tend to spend Christmas with family, but the last 3 Thanksgivings have “camped” on the beach with our daughter in our Big White Box (BWB). This year, we visited Half Moon Bay State Beach. The weather was great the entire trip, even though there was the threat of rain one day.


As you can see, we enjoyed an ocean front view (click any photo to enlarge). From our picture window we watched the surf, dolphins, surfers, and even kite flying. Off in the far distance is the famous Mavericks surfing area, where wave reach multi-stories at certain times of the year.


We took many walks along the nature path and bike path, which runs from the marina all the way to the Ritz-Carlton about five miles south.


Even Charlie enjoyed the stay at Half Moon Bay.


When we left, we decided to take the long way home, and traveled down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz and took Highway 17 back home. I never get tired of these views, and enjoy stopping for some coffee and a walk along the beach.

Bean Hollow State Beach, CA

When we got home, it was officially Christmastime, so we got a tree to usher in the season.


Here’s wishing everyone peace and joy this Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay Thanksgiving RV Trip (38)

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  1. We went to the desert for Thanksgiving and ended up buying a second home…LOL out back yard is the Sonora desert…LOL May you have a wonderful Christmas and great pictures….kat

    1. Kat, congrats on your new home! I love the Sanoran desert. Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving, though mine was considerably less expensive! :-). Merry Christmas to you, too!

      1. yes that was a lot to pay for the Turkey this year…LOL but we were ready for something new and fun in our lives….it was on my husbands bucket list to own a home in the desert so check check that one’s done!!!

  2. What a beautiful time of year to be in HMB. I spend a lot of time there when we aren’t traveling because my best friend lives there. Love that little town. Maybe sometime we’ll take our “big white box” too! LOL!

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