Bend, Oregon RV Trip (43)

We met Debbie’s family, for our annual camping trip, in Bend, Oregon this year, traveling inland rather than camping on the coast like we usually do. It was our first time to Bend, but hopefully the first of many vacations there.


The first night we stayed in Mount Shasta City, KOA. We just needed a place to stay the night, and it was fine. It was rainy that night and it was great falling to sleep listening to the rain pattering on the roof of the Motorhome, and the occasional train passing through the area.


This was our puppy’s first RV trip, and at first Lucy was a little scared by the noises and motion of the RV and tended to hide under the passenger seat.


However, she soon began to enjoy the trip. My duaghter titled this photo “Adventure is out there!” 🙂

Adventure is out there!

The road from Weed to Bend is one of the most beautiful stretches of highway I have seen. We stopped at a rest stop and let the puppy romp in the grass fields and we were on our way again until lunch.


We found a great place just north of Klamath Falls to pull over and enjoy lunch as the edge of a lake.


We arrived in Bend early in the afternoon and checked into Crown Villa RV resort. This place is pricy but has very large lots. Our driveway, all of which were made with pavers, was over 100 feet long and had a storage shed. The grassy area of our site was larger than my front yard back at home. There were plenty of large pine trees to provide shade, and all were well trimmed. The park was clean and well-run and we really enjoyed our stay there as a base camp to enjoy the area.

We then decided to drive into downtown Bend, only 3 miles away, to find a good local coffee shop. Thump had the highest ratings in Bend, and we enjoyed the atmosphere and cappuccino there.


Thump Coffee

Bend also was having a festival of some sort, and there were was live music and tons of vendors in the street selling local food and crafts.

Downtown Bend, Oregon

The next day, before everyone arrived, I charted a good bike route around the town and had a great bike ride. Google maps is great for this because they include an option to show bike-friendly streets.

Bike Route in Bend
Bridge over Dechutes River in Bend, Oregon

I found what turned out to be my favorite coffee shop in Bend, Backporch Coffee Roasters, and enjoyed a cap before returning to the RV.

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Later in the day, everyone arrived and we had a great time getting caught up and enjoying the mild evening outside around the campfire.



The next morning Mike went with me on the same bike ride, but this time we biked to the top of Pilot Butte, a small volcano right in the middle of Bend. From there, you get a great view of the surrounding area, and there is a sign at the top pointing out the various mountains.

Pilot Butte
View of Bend, Oregon from Pilot Butte


It was also Father’s Day, so the girls treated us to a dinner at Dechutes Brewery in downtown.


Dechutes Pub

Dechutes is also the largest brewery in the area, and we signed up for a tour of the brewery while we were there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next day, we enjoyed kayaking in our Sea Eagle Fastrack 385. There are not many places you can kayak through the middle of a city!

Bend, Oregon

We had hoped to visit some of the lakes in the area for more kayaking, but we ran out of time. Still, the weather was perfect and we had a great day.

Sea Eagle Fastrack 385
Kayaking in Bend, Oregon


The next day, the ladies went to Sisters, Oregon, to enjoy the shopping and for some sister time. They really liked the area, and we are all thinking about camping there next year.

The Three Sisters
The other Three Sisters


The guys went to the Lava River Cave just south of Bend. It reminded me of the lava tubes on the Big Island of Hawaii. 🙂

Lava River Cave
The Brother’s (in-law)
End of the trail inside the Lava River Cave

So soon, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. Mike and Sandy headed back to Washington, but Chuck and Peggy decided to go with us to Grants Pass for a jet boat ride along the Rogue River.

We stayed at the Valley of the Rogue State Park and really enjoyed it. After the plushness of Crown Villa, it was nice to be in a real state park again. The camping area is along side the Rogue River, and there is a very nice Bike trail running along the river north and south of the park.

Rogue River Greenway


Thanks for the walk!

We took the Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions lunch cruise which included a BBQ chicken lunch at their log cabin along the river. Very worth while to do if you are in the area.

Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions


The Ruyle’s

Afterwards, we stopped at Rogue Roasters for a final cap. Here, they roast it in the back of the store, and serve it in the front.

Rogue Roasters


The next day we drove all the way home, stopping whenever we felt like it.

Mount Shasta

All in all, this was another great vacation, and I’m looking forward to returning to the area next year.

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  1. Superbly planned trip! Bend also has excellent fly fishing nearby and one of the best REI stores. The Rogue River has legendary steelhead fishing. I just fished the Klamath River which also has jet boat tours. Water is at full pool on Lake Shasta. Amazing how normal rainfall improves an area!

    1. Yes, I was amazed to see the difference in Shasta Lake from the last time I drive by! Thanks for the tips on Bend. I’ll check out the REI store next time. While I’m not much of a fisherman, that sounds like a great way to see the outdoors.

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