Hello to our Adventurer!

Last Friday I drove to La Mesa RV and picked up our new 2017 Winnebago Adventurer 35P in the rain.


No worries! La Mesa parked my Sunstar and Adventurer next to each other to make the move easy. Since it was raining, I extended the awning so I could stay dry while moving the contents.


I posted a few photos today, and will post more later after our first camping trip!


We are very happy so far with the Adventurer. Of course we found a few issues and we are keeping a running list for La Mesa when we return, However, no showstoppers yet!

Here’s a quick video of the interior:


Al and Debbie

6 thoughts on “Hello to our Adventurer!

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  1. I sit her ooo’ing and ah’ing! That is a very nice new RV! Is it a boy or a girl and what did you name it? LOL If you do that sort of thing, where you name your vehicles like me. I hope you have many fantastic trips in it. I also hope that the issue list is short. Happy RVing!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. We have yet to name “her”. We’ll take her on a trip or two to discover the right name. Also open to suggestions! πŸ™‚

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