First Adventure in our Adventurer (52)

Over the Easter weekend, the first weekend after picking up our new RV, we headed to the coast to stay at Half Moon Bay State Beach.


We stayed in our favorite campsite overlooking the beach with Mavericks in the distance. From here, you can watch the waves and the occasional surfer.


As luck would have it, it was coastal wildflower day at the park, with music, exhibits, and even native coastal plants for sale.



Local organizations have done a great job eliminating invasive plants and re-introducing native plants in the dunes within the park.


On the first day, the sun was out and I was able to bike ride about 12 miles, from one end of the park…


…to the other.


It was rainy the rest of the trip, but Lucy was a happy dog because we still managed to get in several walks each day.




Even with the rain, we had a really good weekend. In fact, the rain made it easier to read through the numerous operating manuals that Winnebago provided, and to test out all the new systems and equipment.


The additional space in the new RV made camping in the rain more enjoyable without feeling cramped. The Adventurer is a great RV, and we like the ride, the open floor plan, and the quality build. Overall, we are very happy.

Winnebago is not perfect, however, and we have been making a list of things that need to be fixed or looked at.  The folks at La Mesa RV and Winnebago have already contacted me, and have been extremely helpful with questions. In fact, I’m already scheduled to come back to fix the issues, and they worked with me so as not to interrupt any future RV trips. Sounds good to me!


We are looking forward to our next RV trip, which will be a little different for us, as we head to Casa de Fruta next month.

Al & Debbie

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