Seacliff State Beach RV Trip (58)

Late October is a great time to visit the beach in Northern California. We visited Seacliff for a long weekend and enjoyed the drive there as much as the stay.



Seacliff State Beach is nestled underneath the bluffs in Aptos, CA.


In front of you is the Pacific Ocean!



It is a great place to stay if you like long walks along the beach,


or just relaxing at your RV and watching other enjoy a walk. 🙂


For this trip, we just took the motorhome. No car, no bikes, no kayak. We pretty much chilled the whole time, mesmerized by the sound and sight of the waves breaking on the shore.


The evenings were beautiful, with the sun setting over Pillar Point in the distance.






When we packed up to go on Sunday, we had our first RV breakdown. The steps would not retract. I couldn’t find the problem, and the mobile repairman could not come until Monday morning. It’s hard to complain about having to stay here an extra day, so we made the best of it. Andy from NorCal Mobile RV Repair had us on our way the next morning and I was still able to make my afternoon meetings.

The end to another great RV trip for the Moser’s!

Al & Deb

Here’s a link to a 40 second video: Seacliff Video Synopsis

2 thoughts on “Seacliff State Beach RV Trip (58)

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    1. Hi eeltinge! We decide each trip if we’ll tow the CRV, take the bikes, or take the kayak. If there several things to do close by, it’s just easier not to tow. However, if there is somewhere we want to visit, I don’t hesitate to hook up the CRV. The trip has a different feel if we go without the CRV. I think we enjoy the park we stay at more when we can’t drove away for the day. Also, several parks we go to have great bicycle trails. When we visit half moon bay, for instance, we always take out bicycles. Also, because our RV is 36 feet, once we get to camp it stays put till we leave. We do try to take our time and enjoy the drive, though. When we travel to Seacliff or New Brighton, for instance, we generally go west on 92 and take highway 1 down to the park. It’s one of the most beautiful drives I have seen. Take care!!

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