Monterey RV Trip (69)

We took a quick trip to Monterey in September, staying at the KOA in Moss Landing. We love Moss Landing because it’s a marina, beach, and farm town all mixed together. Perfect for us! We love walking in the marina and along the beach and slough, and then over to one of the restaurants for lunch or coffee.

Sadly, the farm stand will be moving from the area to make room for new development. Hopefully you will still be able to get fresh veggies at Moss Landing!

We spent the next day in Monterey, including a long walk at Ribera Beach, and lunch at Vivolo’s Chowder House.

My friend Martin, who is very familiar with the area, gave me two great restaurant recommendations that I want to share with you all. Follow his advice and you will have a great evening! We already knew how good Vivolo’s is, and are looking forward visiting Fish Wife on our next RV Trip to the area. Thanks, Martin!

Martin’s Monterey Restaurant Recommendations:


You mentioned in your Blog you were going back down to Monterey area again soon, so I wanted to give you a couple of our favorite places to eat.  Neither is too expensive, good sea food and service.

The first is Vivolo’s Chowder House at 127 Central Avenue in Pacific Grove ( ).  Family style, local seafood, great chowder (try the bread bowl with garlic cheese lid!).  My friend Mark Davis is the owner.  Mark is a local, and was a Monterey Bay commercial fisherman for years before he opened Vivolo’s.  My wife and I have been going to his restaurant for nearly 30 years now!  I used to take my YMCA Scuba diving classes there for chowder after their first day of open water diving.  Good food . . .try the calamari appetizer too!  They are open for lunch and dinner, but Friday and Saturday nights do get busy.  No reservations needed. Very casual comfortable attire is fine. (Don’t be afraid to doodle or draw on the white paper table cloths… .in fact it is encouraged!  Crayons supplied!)

The second restaurant we go to is called the Fish Wife, 1996 ½ Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove ( ).  [Note: There is another Fish Wife location in Seaside, smaller venue, but same great food.  It lacks the easy access to Asilomar Beach, one of the best sand beaches in the Monterey area.] Take Highway 68 off Highway 1, follow 68 through the forest, past Safeway and make a left on Sunset Drive.  Follow that down the hill through the intersection of 17 Mile Drive and Fish Wife will be on your left about two blocks down at 1996 ½ Sunset Drive just before you get to Asilomar Beach.  Great food, full bar, wine and a GREAT Bloody Mary! Again, can get busy on Friday and Saturday nights, and Saturday at lunch.  After you eat, walk down to Asilomar Beach (dog friendly but on leash) and take a stroll along the ocean to Point Joe.  Fantastic view, fresh air and one of our favorite walks along the ocean here in Pacific Grove.  If you are lucky and skies are fairly clear, the sunsets at Asilomar are one of the most beautiful you will ever see!  People line up in their cars up and down “Sunset Drive” just to enjoy the sun melting into the ocean . . . .can be absolutely amazing!  If you can plan your visit to enjoy this I highly recommend an early evening dinner then stroll on the beach to enjoy the spectacle!




We loved our getaway to Monterey, but I have big (BIG!, BIG!) news coming up in our next blog! Can’t wait to share it with you!

Al & Deb

p.s. All photos are courtesy of Debbie this trip…somehow I was sleeping on the job managed not to snap even a single picture!

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