Cascade Loop – Mt Baker and Grandy Creek (88-89)

Our final destination on the Cascade Loop was Grandy Creek KOA, which is on highway 20 about a half hour drive east from Burlington.

We had large campsites under the trees, and there was plenty of land for long strolls.




Between Sedro-Wooly and Concrete, an abandoned railroad track was repurposed into a bike trail. It runs adjacent to the highway for over 30 miles.




However, our destination was a little cafe about 9 miles up the road. If you know me, you know I like a reward waiting for me at the end of the trail, and we were not disappointed. The breakfast at Perks Espresso and Deli was great! It’s a small cafe frequented by locals talking over farming issues and the local gossip. It was good atmosphere and good food.


But the star of the visit was Mount Baker. We drove from camp to the end of the road leading to the peak.


The road was very windy at the end, but also very rewarding. I’m not sure how this guy did it. Cyborg implants for sure.


Here’s a few shots of Mount Baker and the surrounding mountains.



Lucy loved a romp on the snow!


Is that Mount Saint Helens in the distance?!





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On the way back to camp, we drove past what appeared to be a marshmallow farm. Who knew?


The next day we left for home, stopping at Deb’s brother’s home in Bothell, as they had finished their sailing trip. We spent a day at their home and also took a day trip into Edmonds.



We had such a great time in Washington with family exploring the Cascade Loop, that we decided we’ll be back next year for more, as there is so much more to see and do!

Al & Deb


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