Moss Landing Mishaps (92)

We had great plans for kayaking and bicycle riding in the Monterey area, but things changed pretty quickly. The morning we were to leave I was in the backyard, and I heard something in my back pop as I was picking something up. Ouch! Kayaking and biking were out of the questions, as I couldn’t even pick them up!

However, we have learned over 7 years of RVing, that if you are flexible with your plans, then you can make the most of any situation. We both still wanted to go on the RV trip, so we took off anyway for Moss Landing and the Monterey Coast! Carpe Diem!

Moss Landing was a beautiful as ever, and even though we couldn’t put our Kayak in the water, we made reservations with Elkhorn Slough Safari, a great outfit that runs tours of Elkhorn Slough.



We like them because they always include a biologist on the boat who is knowledgeable of the plants and animals in the area.


The fog was still off shore and there was little breeze as we began the tour The otters, seals, sea lions, and a variety of birds turned out to greet us and we had a great time.





We also stopped by Phil’s Fish Market, for some fish and chips. The place is always packed.

IMG_1671The next day we went to Monterey and walked (carefully and slowly) through the wharf and old town.


We found a new favorite in old town, the Crepes of Brittany. They have many crepes to choose from. We went with simple, Lemon Sugar, and it was a great compliment to a good cappuccino.


We wound up in Pacific Grove by late afternoon and enjoyed sitting on a rock watching and listening to the waves as they crashed on the beach.


It wasn’t the RV trip we planned, but we still enjoyed it. By the way, my back is feeling fine now!


Al & Deb


Where we stayed: Moss Landing KOA Express

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