Pismo Beach Breakdown (93)

During I last trip, I shared about my backache right before the trip. This time, as if in sympathy for me, our RV had a few problems of it’s own.

The drive to Pismo State Beach was as beautiful as ever. Our campsite was wide and open, which is the reason the North Beach Campground of Pismo Beach State Beach is our favorite. We love dry-camping (no water, electricity, or sewer), and prefer large campsites.


However, once there, I noticed a constant dripping (about 10oz a day) from the bottom of our RV. After spending a few hours checking all the connections, some of which are well -hidden, I was able to narrow it down to the connection from the fresh water tank (or so I thought). I couldn’t actually see the connection, so I knew I needed professional help! However, it was a very slow leak which was not dripping on any wood or other surfaces that could be damaged, so I just made an appointment with La Mesa RV in Davis, CA to fix it.

Since I’ve heard bad news comes in threes, shortly after that our hot water heater would not ignite. I took one cold shower and decided I would use the campground facilities after that!

The third issue came up when we were leaving. As I turned left over a railroad track, our steps extended and would not go in. A kind person next to me towing a fifth wheel got the message across at the next stop light. Luckily, I was able to pull over and coax them back in.

What do you think? Did these troubles keep us from enjoying Pismo Beach? If you know us, issues like this are part of RVing so you just roll with the punches and try to learn something along the way.


We had beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches to enjoy! 🙂




While in Pismo, we also enjoyed our favorite stops at Zorro’s Cafe and Cantina, Firestone Grill, and Old Western Cinnamon Rolls! We also enjoyed several walks on the beach and in downtown San Louis Obispo, and visited Avila Beach at sunset. Before we would have liked, after 4 nights it was time to pack up and move on to our next destination in Paso Robles.

When we got home, the leak mystery was solved by the La Mesa RV Technician. It turns out our RV has two water tanks, joined by a connecting hose. The clamp had come loose and he was able to replace and tighten. He had to remove the rear wheels and wheel well, so I don’t feel too bad about not being able to find it, and they only charged two hours for the work! They also fixed the water heater by replacing the TCU (thermal cutoff unit), and fixed the steps by replacing the magnetic door sensor. I took the RV in on Monday and the work (including extended warranty approvals) were completed by Wednesday! All work like a charm now. Ron and the crew at La Mesa have my thanks and appreciation.

Al & Deb


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  1. Great trip as always. I have to learn to just roll with the issues that can arise with RVing like you guys. I’m a newbie so I tend to get jittery when something goes wrong.

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