Cooling down on the Cascade Loop and Oregon Beaches

With most of the west coast suffering a heat wave in August, we were glad to get away and cool off!

It was touch and go for a while, as COVID-19 cases started to spike in California, but the rules for traveling did not change and we made a beeline for the Cascade Loop in Washington, where we would camp with relatives for a few weeks before relaxing on the Oregon Coast.

Our 2,300 mile trip would take us to mountain lakes, mighty rivers and coastal bays, where we would hike,

Shadow of the Sentinels Trail – Mt. Baker National Forest, WA


Fort Stevens State Park, WA

and kayak.

Kayaking Bowman Bay, WA

We found plenty of open spaces and fresh air along the way.

Along the Cascade Loop…

Our love of the outdoors and respect for nature was reinforced,

On the Cascade Loop, WA

as was our love of the great country we are blessed to live in, as we met so many friendly people along the way.

Over the next 6 blog posts, I look forward to sharing with you a pictorial journal of our trip, and I hope you feel as inspired as we were.

Ecola State Park, OR

Al & Deb

P.S. As I sit in my living room writing this, the sky is still smokey from the recent fires, and the temperatures are still over 100. For many people, the last few weeks have been very difficult. If you would like to help, here is a link to several non-profits helping those in need. Charity Navigator – wildfires

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