RVing on Mars? (110)

When we arrived at Half Moon Bay, CA., everything looked normal.

In fact, we had a nice walk along the beach.

The next morning, however, it all changed. The normal offshore breezes switched direction and the winds blew smoke from the fires up north.

Even more strange was the air was clear and pure, even though the sky was blood orange. The Air Quality Index was a healthy 13!

The marine layer had created a protective bubble of clean air that lasted into the afternoon.

The air blocked out so much of the sun that the street lights stayed on all day! You can still see them in the distance in this photo.

We had a strange day, indeed, and we thought a lot about those impacted by the fires that brought this orange sky to us.

The next day the sky was much clearer, but the air quality was very unhealthy.

Instead of walking or riding a bike, we drove to the harbor for lunch at Sam’s Chowder House.

Good advice…

It was our strangest visit ever to Half Moon Bay as the orange skies helped us see the area in a different light, very literally! Even in these circumstances, however, it was easy to appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s creation. It was amazing to watch how quickly the weather changed and how it seemed to immediately work towards getting back to normal. It was an RV trip we will remember a long time.

Al & Deb

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