Central CA Coast – Pacifica to Costanoa (111)

Our next stop was in Pacifica, a little to the north. We stayed there a night because our next destination was closed due to the fires until the following day.

Luckily, we were able to get a cancellation at San Francisco RV Resort and didn’t have to go home for a night.

For those visiting San Francisco, it makes for a good, though cramped, base camp. However, we had no interest in visiting there this trip. And we got a great site with an ocean view!

San Francisco RV Resort, Pacifica, CA

San Francisco RV Resort seems like it’s smaller each time we visit…:-) In fact, the last time we stayed here, several years ago, we were in one of these sites that are now under the Pacific Ocean!

After one night, we were able to leave for Costanoa RV Resort, a nice campground halfway between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

Our drive down the coast was just beautiful!

Bean Hollow State Beach

We stopped here for lunch and this was our view!

Sometimes, it’s about the journey rather than the destination.

Before getting back on the road, we enjoyed a walk on the beach.

Lucy, like most terriers, loves climbing on rocks and looking for “critters” that might live there.

This section of coast started out in Los Angeles and has been slowing moving north with each earthquake!

We made it to Costanoa that afternoon. Because of the fires, they called us on the the way there and said to fill up with water because their water was still off. I wish we had got their call a little earlier! Somehow, we made it through the four days on only a third of our 80 gallon tank.

Castanoa KOA

Costanoa also has an inn, cabins, and two restaurants. This one was open for takeout only. The other had a large outdoor area for eating.

Cascade Restaurant

Many of the vegetables for the restaurants are grown onsite.

The next day we drove to Pescadero and enjoyed a visit to Harley Goat Farm.

Harley Goat Farm, Pescadero, CA

The goats seemed happy enough about the situation.

Here are a few snacking on fresh hay.

You can purchase the goat cheese right there. The flowers are from the on-site garden.

We also visited Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Here is part of the cargo ship Point Arena, which sank here in 1913 when a storm blew in while it was loading cargo. They burned the ship because “It just would not have looked good to have a wrecked ship in front of a lighthouse.” I guess a lighthouse can’t do everything. This five ton section of the hull washed ashore in 1983.

Wreck of the ship, Point Arena

The point is beautiful and we took our time watching the tide roll in.

Prisoner Rock, Whalers Cove

It remained smokey most of the visit, so we didn’t do anything that required a lot of activity. However, any visit to the beach is a good one.

Skies would be clearer for our next trip north of San Francisco in Jenner, where we would enjoy some kayaking at the mouth of the Russian River.

Al & Deb

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