Oregon Coast – Bandon (131)

On our way north we visited the Oregon Coast, staying 2 nights near Bandon.

Bandon has a great old town with lots of shops and several places to get fish and chips.

Walking towards the boardwalk, we found this great little piece of art that forms a stage.

Looking closer, you can tell some very creative people had a lot of fun as they pieced this together. We enjoyed exploring the interesting use of materials in the mosaic. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to amuse us!

As we wandered about town we found another very amusing art exhibit. You see, everything here was made from material washed ashore in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s a place everyone can enjoy because rather than being preachy, they just present the art, which we found fun and worth seeing. Definitely worth a stop.

Our final destination in Bandon was the Coquille River Lighthouse, a picturesque lighthouse on the river looking towards the sea.

Next to the lighthouse is a long beach filled with driftwood that has been bleached white by the sun. The wood looks almost like whale bones. All of this wood invites visitors to create makeshift shelters.

On the way back to the RV we stopped for ice cream at Face Rock Creamery. The portions are enormous, so come with an appetite!

We loved visiting Bandon and would love to return soon. Our next stop took us further up the coast to Newport.

Al & Deb

PS – We stayed at the KOA Port Orford Journey, half way between Port Orford and Bandon. It was ok for for a last minute booking for a night or two, but I think we’d try to find something closer to Bandon next time.

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