Ventura’s Rincon Parkway (142)

The next stop on our coastal trip was Ventura’s Rincon Parkway for some ocean front living.

This was the view from our motorhome every night! While homes just down the road sell for several million, this space was ours for just $39 a night, thanks to the county of Ventura. Of course we had to bring our home with us!

Our first excursion was to the Ventura to Beach House Tacos and a walk on the pier. The tacos were delicious,

and it was fun to see Ventura from the pier. While there, you can rent an electric bike and enjoy the many bike trails in the area.

We also went north for a hike along the ocean at the dog-friendly Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve. This was our first time to visit here and we’ll be back.

We passed this pier that supplies the offshore oil rigs in the distance.

Here they are loading some heavy equipment onto the boat.

There was a crowd of onlookers, mainly pelicans and seals, to make sure they did their job right. 🙂

At the end of the trail we rested a bit before heading back.

It was a peaceful and enjoyable walk.

We enjoyed getting together with a few old friends while in the area. With good friends it’s amazing how you can pick things up where you left off, no matter the time in between.

While we didn’t get a photo, we were happy to hear Rick and Linda were now enjoying retired life. Congrats!

We did get a photo of our visit with Scott and Bev. They introduced us to a nearby restaurant at the Cliff House Inn. They have a beautiful outdoor seating area right on the ocean. With perfect weather that day, it reminded us of Hawaii!

Each evening ended the same amazing way…

Sometimes there was a little drama on the beach. I’m not sure if the dog ever caught the motorized hang glider. 🙂

Another must do in the area is to visit the farm stands and enjoy some locally grown strawberries and avocados, some of the best you can get anywhere on the planet.

Since we’ve been here a few times over the years, we tend to do different activities each time we visit. If interested, here’s a link to our previous trips.

After five nights it was time to move on. This was as far south as we would venture this trip and our next stop was Paso Robles on our way back home.

Al & Deb

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