Gold Country Wedding (144)

In April, we had a very special RV trip to Auburn for the wedding of our lovely daughter Kaylee to Jonathan. We were so happy to welcome Jonathan into our family.

Jonathan and Kaylee

As we’ve got to know Jonathan over the last couple years, we could clearly see his love for Kaylee, but we have also seen his strength and kindness, his intelligence and work ethic. Kaylee, our loving and creative daughter, was also truly in love with Jonathan. We were so happy when we heard of their engagement about a year ago.

Since then, we have also got to know his parents, Bob and Maria, much better. From the start, we have enjoyed their company and feel like we’ve known them much longer. It is a real blessing knowing that we are all friends.

Jonathan’s enchiladas the day before the wedding

Planning a wedding during Covid, however, was a real challenge. Happening during the Omicron wave, they decided on a very small but intimate wedding (Parents, siblings, Best Man and Maid of Honor), with a larger party to follow.

Auburn Courthouse

The setting was the Auburn Courthouse, built during the gold rush days. It was a beautiful location, and we were blessed with great weather the whole afternoon. Even though rain threatened, it stayed dry until we completed the ceremony and all photos, and retired to the restaurant across the street.

The Wedding Party

Kaylee was such a beautiful bride. Kaylee and Jonathan wrote their own vows and it was great, and sometimes humorous, to hear them put into their own words their promise to each other.

You may kiss the bride!

At the restaurant, we had a room all to ourselves where we enjoyed a great dinner. A fine time was had by all. The most entertaining part was the cake.

A bite of wedding cake

On the last day, Kaylee and Jonathan stopped by for breakfast and to see us off. We could not be happier for them and we are very pleased to welcome Jonathan as our son-in-law.


Al & Deb

p.s. Oh yeah, this is an RV blog so I guess I should say something about that! At first, we intended to stay at a nearby hotel. However, after thinking it through, we realized we’d be much more comfortable in our RV, so we made last minute plans to stay at the Auburn Gold RV Resort. We enjoy their large overflow spaces, even though they only have water and electricity. This turned out to be the perfect place for us as we shuttled between homes and venues.

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