Mesa AZ (156)

After enjoying the central California coast, we went inland to Mesa AZ. We enjoyed Spring Baseball, hiking Superstition Mountain, and lots of family time.

Arizona is home to the Cactus League in the Spring. 15 Major League Baseball teams converge here in March to get ready for the season.

Spring Baseball

We took in an A’s game while there. We love the small stadium where you can get up close to the action.

We snagged some great seats on the first row and this was our view!

It was awesome seeing major league teams compete in a small stadium where you can get so much closer to the action.

The atmosphere there was also great, as everyone was there just for the love of the game. The outfield was all grass where families could just bring a blanket and watch the game.

Note the row of 8-10 years old at the fence with their baseball gloves on, and dreaming of catching a home run. This is what baseball is all about and it brought back great memories for me. 🙂

Superstition Mountain

We also took a trip to Lost Dutchman State Park for a hike up Superstition Mountain with my daughter, son-in-law, and my sister. Oh, and Lucy, our terrier, too!

Weather was perfect for a hike and we took the Treasure Loop Trail, about 2.5 miles to Green Rock and back.

Up was easy and we loved the great views from Green Boulder, about 2,600 feet high. Down was a little steep at the beginning, but everyone, including our terrier Lucy, makes it back safely and had a great time.

Back in Mesa, we made time for a Newmar Tech to stop by to fix our awning. I have to say I was really impressed that Newmar places their employees in Arizona and California to provide factory service. That is amazing customer service!

The rest of our time was filled with family. There were lots of highlights, including a mini-reunion at my aunt and uncle’s home, a birthday lunch for our daughter (who drove with her husband from California), visiting my sister (who flew in from Virginia), and my cousins (one flew in from Oregon), and my nephew who lives in the area. That’s a lot of family!

However, my favorite thing was seeing my mom and dad together at the memory care facility where he lives. We know that this time is precious and, after 66 years of marriage, it’s clear that they are still in love.

And two weeks flew by before it was time to pack up and move to the Palm Springs area to visit with more family and some new friends!

Al & Deb

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