Monterey RV Trip (29)

We took a short trip to the Monterey area in January. We stayed at the Moss Landing KOA, which is clean and dependable.

IMG_1306 IMG_1273

It was nice having hookups, since we primarily stay in state parks and dry camp….long showers, microwaves, and TV without having to use the generator! 🙂

The last time we were there we went on a tour of the Elk Horn Slough in the morning, and really enjoyed seeing the wildlife…seals, otters, sea lions, etc. This time, we drove to the Monterey Aquarium.


It had been quite awhile since we were last there, and it has continued to improve and mature over the years. It was impeccably clean and well maintained. When we arrived, the scuba divers were cleaning the kelp tank glass from the inside!


Our favorite exhibit was the open ocean tank. We sat there for about a half hour watching the tuna and shark and turtles…amazing that these fish can thrive in captivity!


In the middle of all these fish that hunt for a living, there was a school of very nervous smaller fish. By keeping together in a school they looked like a very large fish. However, when a shark or tuna swam near, they parted to let it through, just like it was choreographed. Hopefully they keep the larger fish well fed so they don’t feel the need for a snack between meals…


We also really enjoyed the jelly fish exhibits, and the aviary.

IMG_1352 IMG_1357 IMG_5444

Note the water about to drench the unsuspecting tourists in the photo, above. 🙂 Actually, they are behind glass, and it’s a great view from their side.


This aquarium is definitely worth a visit.

After the aquarium, we drove the famous 17 mile drive. The coastline here is amazing and refreshing…

IMG_5405 IMG_1307 IMG_1296
That evening, we went back to Phil’s Fish Co. at Moss Landing for dinner. It is not fancy, but has great seafood…and large portions.


It turns out that Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so we were able to extend our RV Trip another night!

We found a spot at our favorite place, New Brighton Beach State Park, and enjoyed the area, revisting our favorite places….Aptos Street BBQ, Mr. Toots Coffee, and Capitola Beach….and a new one, The Forest of Nicene Marks. This state park has miles of trails through beautiful second growth redwood forests, and a single old growth tree, the Advocate Tree, pictured below. It’s a beauty!

IMG_5495 IMG_5491

IMG_5507What a great time we had in our BWB (Big White Box)!
We are now looking forward to next month and a trip to San Simeon and the Hearst’s Castle!

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