Seacliff State Beach RV Trip (28)

When we repeat a visit, I only write a blog post about the RV trip when we have a new experience.

Well, usually on our trips to Seacliff State Beach, we walk long the beach to Capitola and enjoy the beach town over lunch. This year, however, Mother Nature had different plans. We arrived on Friday in the rain, and it was great to hear the patter of rain on the roof and watch the grayness of the ocean as the waves raced up the beach. It was fun to be inside the RV all warm and cozy while watching the cold and rainy weather outside. Since it is close to Christmas, we even strung a few lights to be festive.


During the night, it seemed like the waves were louder than usual, and when I woke up in the morning, the waves that are usually about 50 yards from the RV were lapping at the walkway about 10 feet from the coach!


It was a little unsettling, and visions of my motorhome turning into a not-so-seaworthy yacht flashed into my mind. The waves were big, and you could literally feel them crash as they slightly shook the Motorhome. However, the animals didn’t seem to mind, as the pelicans and sea lions went about their business as usual. And it soon turned into an enjoyable morning…when we realized we were safe.

Later in the morning we took off for our stroll to Capitola and realized our usual path was under water in most places. Rather than chance a swim, we took off on the other direction to the town of Aptos. I’m really glad we did. The little town started as a train stop and has a small downtown with several places to eat without looking touristy.



According to Yelp! The Aptos St. BBQ was highly rated and pulled pork sounded really good to me.


As we walked up you could see the smoke rising from the outside BBQs. The aroma in the air was great. The inside was clean with a great atmosphere. They also have several microbrews on tap. It’s the real deal. The pulled pork sandwich was the best that I have ever eaten. Yum! We will definitely be back again.


On the way back, I also stopped by Marianne’s Ice Cream. It’s a great local ice cream that is worth a stop. The peanut butter and coconut fudge is great.

The tide let up in the afternoon and several people were on the beach, walking their dog or playing in the surf. Did I mention this is December 20! I love living in CA and being only an hour away from here.


That’s about it for this trip, and we are already looking forward to our next trip in January to Monterey.

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