Bodega Bay (Sanoma Coast State Beach) RV Trip (33)

Bodega Bay is known for the Alfred Hitchcock movie, but we had no issue with birds on this trip. We traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area to Bodega Bay taking highway 1 through Olema, stopping at Point Reyes for a quick visit to the visitors center and lunch. We are looking forward to our RV Trip there in October….

Poppy in bloom at Point Reyes
Poppy in bloom at Point Reyes

We found a great campsite at Bodega Dunes, with a forest of Cyprus trees on one side and the sandy dunes on the other, about a half mile walk to the ocean.


We really enjoyed our site, sheltered from the winds and relatively warm. In fact, it was warm enough to to enjoy the patio under the awning before dinner.


It was very peaceful listening to the ocean breezes in the grasses and bushes of the dunes.

The next day, we enjoyed a slow and winding drive north on highway 1 along the coast. Even the cows seemed to enjoy the view. I guess the grass is always greener at the edge of a thousand foot cliff!




The view was breathtaking, and there are some great and quirky places to stop and literally smell the coffee. We liked Cafe Aquatica in Jenner for the organic micro-roasted coffees and great atmosphere.




We went as far north as Fort Ross, established by Russia in the 1800’s as a fur trapping outpost. The fort was built in case they had any trouble with Spain, who owned California at the time, or the local Indians. We had a tour with a very interesting Park Ranger who grew up in the area.



We then headed to Bodega Bay for lunch at the popular Spud Point Crab Company. Their Clam Chowder is among the best I’ve tasted, and loved the garlicky, buttery taste.



The one-size order is large, so Deb and I shared an order at the crowded outside eating area. Yum!

We had a great weekend. Sadly, we have no RV Trip planned for June, as a family reunion and other travel plans keep us from enjoying our RV! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful area we go there quite a bit . We have stayed at all the campgrounds in bodega bay. We like westside state campground the best because you get a little relief from the wind on those windy day. Doran park is nice out on the jetty but if it is windy watch out .

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