Cascade Loop – Winthrop (105)

After leaving Grandy Creek, we drove into the mountains towards Winthrop, our next destination

It was a beautiful drive as we climbed higher in elevation over mountain passes and through tunnels.

Here we cross Diablo Lake before heading over the Washington Pass and a curvy 7% downgrade, which was no problem for the the BSB (Big Silver Box). Here’s a photo from Google Maps.

Winthrop is a peaceful little town on the Methow River. We stayed at the KOA and walked to the river each day. I like this photo of Lucy, our terrier, who seems to be pondering life, though she is probably just wondering where all the squirrels are.

We enjoyed the western themed town, with lots of shops and restaurants.

“Honey, do my ears look funny?” I’m sure these things will leave permanent damage. 🙂

While in Winthrop, we kayaked Patterson Lake. Here is a section of it. The lake is about 2 miles long and the water was very smooth.

A Bald Eagle is perched in the dead tree ahead. I guess he was looking for a fish.

About half way through, we stopped on a secluded beach for lunch. As you can see, we had the place to ourselves. Since most of the shops and museums are closed, we found ourself enjoying these outdoor adventures more. Kayaking over a lake can do wonders for your attitude and outlook on life, even in these crazy times.

By the way, my brother-in-law gave us these great wheels for our kayak. They made getting to the car and back a breeze. Thanks, Chuck!

We only had two full days in Winthrop. One for shopping and one for kayaking. The next day we were on to our next destination, in Wenatchee and Leavenworth.

Al & Deb

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